MohammadAli BagherzadehKouhbanani (Assistant professor)

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Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering / Department of Power and Control Engineering
  • Email: ma.bagherzadeh [AT] kgut.ac.ir
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Dr. MohammadAli BagherzadehKouhbanani, a distinguished academic in the field of Electrical Engineering - Control, boasts a remarkable educational and professional journey. He completed both his Master’s and Ph.D. degrees at the Isfahan University of Technology, excelling in his studies. Since September 2018, Dr. Bagherzadeh has been imparting his knowledge and expertise as an Assistant Professor at the Graduate University of Advanced Technology (GUAT). His commitment to education is evident in his dedication to teaching control theory courses and guiding students in their Theses, enriching their research and professional growth. His research interests are deeply rooted in the practical aspects of control engineering, covering a wide array of topics such as stabilization and control of switched linear systems with uncertainties, modeling in noisy environments, industrial automation, and control of power electronic devices. Notably, his work extends to the application of control theories in complex environmental and social systems, including waste management and healthcare. Dr. Bagherzadeh’s expertise is not only theoretical but also practical, with significant contributions in diverse areas such as the optimization of tire compounds for environmental impact, development of a portable environmental monitoring system, automation of smart greenhouse systems, and decision-making models in waste management. His work stands at the crossroads of practical control engineering and its interdisciplinary applications, marking him as a leader in his field.

Research Interests

Nonlinear Dynamic Systems; Hybrid and Switched Control Systems; Industrial Automation; Instrumentation; Robust Control Systems; Control of Power Electronic Devices; Application of Systems Thinking in Modeling of Complex Systems


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    فایل مقاله
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    Course Instructor & Teaching Assistant, Isfahan University of Technology, Isfahan, Iran., 2008-2015
    Renovation and Upgrade of the Digital Control Laboratory and Updating the Laboratory Curriculum, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Isfahan University of Technology, Isfahan, Iran., 2011-2012
    Establishment and Development of an Agenda for the Industrial Control Laboratory, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Isfahan University of Technology, Isfahan, Iran., 2012-2012
    Designing and implementing «DC Servomotor» and «Thermal Process» Trainers for Linear Control and Digital Control laboratories, Isfahan Science and Technology Town (ISTT), 2013-2014
    Instructor of Courses (Mechatronics, Nonlinear Control, Modern Control Systems, and Industrial Control), Islamic Azad University, Boroujen Branch, Boroujen, Iran., 2015-2018
    Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Arak University of Technology, Arak, Iran., 2017-2018
    Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Graduate University of Advanced Technology, Kerman, Iran., 2018-To now
    Head of Industry Relations Office, Graduate University of Advanced Technology, Kerman, Iran., 2019-2020
    Teaching Workshop «Calibration of Instruments» (16 Hours) , Zarand Iranian Steel Co., Kerman, Iran., 2019-2019
    Executive Secretary of the First Conference on Education and Research for Municipal Employees of Kerman Province, Graduate University of Advanced Technology, Kerman, Iran., 2020-2020
    Teaching Workshop «Getting to know the ISO/IEC 17025 Standard» (16 Hours), Zarand Coking and Tar Refining Complex, Kerman, Iran., 2020-2020