Hojjatullah Moradi Shahrebabaki (Assistant professor)

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Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering / Department of Power and Control Engineering
  • Academic Major: Electrical Engineering _ Control
  • Tel: 034-33776611 / 3418
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  • Email: h.moradi [AT] kgut.ac.ir
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Research Interests

پردازش تصویر کنترل مقاوم بهینه سازی و کنترل بهینه کنترل غیرخطی یاتاقان های مغناطیسی سامانه های زیستی سامانه های سویچینگ


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  2. Moradi, H., Majd, V.J.: A Dissipative Integral Sliding Mode Control Redesign Method for Uncertain Nonlinear Switched Systems. Iranian Journal of Electrical & Electronic Engineering. 11(4), 310-318(2015). doi: 10.22068/IJEEE.11.4.310

  3. Moradi, H., Majd, V.J.: Dissipativity-based stable controller redesign for nonlinear MIMO switched systems in the presence of perturbations. Nonlinear Dyn. 75(4), 769–781(2014). doi: 10.1007/s11071-013-1103-5


  1. Moradi, H., Majd, V.J.: Dissipativity-based controller Redesign for Uncertain Nonlinear Switched Systems. In: International Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering ICECE, Istanbul, Turkey,(2013). doi:

  2. Moradi, H., Majd, V.J.: Stability Analysis of Disturbed Switched Systems. In: The 2th international conference on Control, Instrumention, and Automation ICCIA, Shiraz, Iran,(2011). doi:

  3. Moradi, H., Majd, V.J.: Multi model state feedback control of parameter varying nonlinear systems. In: 17th Iranian Conference on Electrical Engineering ICEE , Tehran, Iran, 303-307(2009). doi:

  4. Moradi, H., Pourgholi, M., Majd, V.J.: A Model-Based Controller Design for Synchronous Generators with Nonlinear parameter-varying Models. In: International Conference on Power Control and Optimization, Bali, Indonesia, (2009). doi:


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