Alireza Sattarzadeh (Assistant professor)

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Faculty of Sciences and Modern Technologies / Department of Applied Mathematics
  • Academic Major: آنالیز محدب و بهینه سازی
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  • Email: arsattarzadeh [AT] gmail.com
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Research Interests

Convex analysis -optimization- monotone operator theory


  1. H. Barsam, A. R. Sattarzadeh, Some results on Hermite-Hadamard inequalities, Journal of Mahani Mathematical Research Center(2020), 9, 79-86. doi:

  2. H. Barsam, A. R. Sattarzadeh, Hermite-Hadamard inequalities for uniformly convex functions and its applications in means, Miskolc Mathematical Notes (2020), 21(2), 621-630. doi:

  3. Characterizing Approximate global minimizers of the difference of two abstract convex functions with applications. Filomat (2019), 33(8), 2431-2445. doi:

  4. A. R. Sattarzadeh, H. Mohebi, Some results on convex spectral functions:I, Wavelet and Linear Algebra(2018),5(1), 49-56. doi:

  5. A. R. Sattarzadeh, H. Mohebi, General resolvent of monotone bifunctions, Nonlinear and Convex Analysis(2018),19(5) 841-852. doi:

  6. A. R. Sattarzadeh, H. Mohebi, On non-enlargeable positive sets, Positivity 20.4 (2016): 847-860. doi:

  7. H. Mohebi, A.R. Sattarzadeh, Generalized positive sets and abstract convexity, Positivity (2013) 17:601620. doi:


  1. A. R. Sattarzadeh, H. Mohebi, Convex analysis and spectral functions,The 10th Seminar on Linear Algebra and its Applications, Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman, 2020. doi:

  2. H. Barsam, H. Mohebi, A.R. Sattarzadeh, Abstract monotonicity and abstract Fitzpatrick function, Proceeding of 44nd Annual Iranian Mathematics Conference, September 2013. doi:

  3. Z. Amirshekari, H. Mohebi, A. R. Sattarzadeh, Abstract monotone polarity, Proceeding of 42nd Annual Iranian Mathematics Conference, September, Vali-e-Asr University of Rafsanjan, Iran, 431-434, 2011. doi:


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