Mojtaba Ghasemi (Assistant professor)

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Faculty of Civil and Surveying Engineering / Department of Earthquake and Geotechnical Engineering
  • Academic Major: Civil Engineering
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  • Email: m.ghasemi [AT] kgut.ac.ir
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Research Interests

Soil Improvement


  1. Performance Improvement of Porous Asphalt Mixtures using Crumb Rubber and Steel Slag Powder A Nazarinasab, M Ghasemi, SM Marandi International Journal of Transportation Engineering 6 (2), 99-110 doi:

  2. EFFECTS OF PARTIAL SUBSTITUTION OF STYRENE-BUTADIENE-STYRENE WITH GRANULATED BLAST-FURNACE SLAG ON THE STRENGTH PROPERTIES... S Shahba, M Ghasemi, SM Marandi International Journal of Engineering-Transactions A: Basics 30 (1), 40 doi:

  3. Utilization of soil stabilization with cement and copper slag as subgrade materials in road embankment construction J Shahiri, M Ghasemi International Journal of Transportation Engineering 5 (1), 45-58 doi:

  4. Experimental study of the effects of curing time on geotechnical properties of stabilized clay with lime and geogrid S Jahandari, M Saberian, F Zivari, J Li, M Ghasemi, R Vali International Journal of Geotechnical Engineering, 1-12 doi:

  5. Engineering Properties of SMA Mixtures/Polymer/RGP Blends SM Marandi, M Ghasemi International Journal of Transportation Engineereing doi:

  6. Performance improvement of a crumb rubber modified bitumen using recycled glass powder M Ghasemi, SM Marandi Journal of Zhejiang University SCIENCE A 14 (11), 805-814 doi:

  7. Laboratory studies of the effect of recycled glass powder additive on the properties of polymer modified asphalt binders M Ghasemi, SM Marandi INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING 26 (10), 1183-1190 doi:


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