Fazel Sharifi (Assistant professor)

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Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering / Department of Computer Engineering and Information Technology
  • Academic Major: Computer Engineering
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  • Email: f.sharifi [AT] kgut.ac.ir
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Research Interests

VLSI; Nanoelectronic; Hardware Security; MVL Design


  1. Sharifi, F., Panahi, A., Moaiyeri, M. H., Sharifi, H., & Navi, K. (2018). High Performance CNFET-based Ternary Full Adders. IETE Journal of Research, 64(1), 108-115. doi:

  2. Thapliyal, H., Mohammad, A., Kumar, S. D., & Sharifi, F. (2017). Energy-efficient magnetic 4-2 compressor. Microelectronics Journal, 67, 1-9. doi:

  3. Tabrizchi, S., Panahi, A., Sharifi, F., Navi, K., & Bagherzadeh, N. (2017). Method for designing ternary adder cells based on CNFETs. IET Circuits, Devices & Systems, 11(5), 465-470. doi:

  4. Sharifi, F., Moaiyeri, M. H., Sharifi, H., Navi, K., & Thapliyal, H. (2017). On the design of quaternary arithmetic logic unit based on CNTFETs. International Journal of Electronics Letters, 1-13. doi:

  5. Sharifi, F., Panahi, A., Sharifi, H., Navi, K., Bagherzadeh, N., & Thapliyal, H. (2016). Design of quaternary 4–2 and 5–2 compressors for nanotechnology. Computers & Electrical Engineering, 56, 64-74. doi:


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